Saphira Dugas — Mother Of The Year. Well where do I start. She likes to lie manipulateGuys into getting what she wants she’ll beg for money just to get her next line up her nose another drink lies to her baby daddy all the time used to leave all night and party while he was at home tending to his child plays with his head all the time turned all of his friends against him, then she decides to beat the sh1t out of someone on her due date and get the kids taken as she is a danger her mother and her family paint the baby daddy as a monster but yet those kids love him more than anything and always run to him he truly is a great father I’ve seen it. Keep up doing the Zan’s snow down Gabby‘s or whatever else you can get your hands on two at night while sleeping right in to the point of having to be woken up for your visit with your kids mother of the fuking year. Oh wait didn’t you spread your legs and cheat on yourBaby daddy and Just to get back at them after throwing them out countless times and breaking up with him he finally goes out and has fun and you hold it against him as cheating you can only pull someone in and out so many times think before you do Saphira karma is a b1tch an bites hard.