Sarah Horishney — All Bark No Bite. Sarah is all talk and no bite she talked sh1t about my friend and her lil family to her bfs family ? and my friend confronted them and they all started getting mad at her n tryna start sh1t with her they were even talking sh1t about my friends 2 year old daughter ever fuken disgusting like dummy tf up if u got sum to say say to her face also Sarah hides behind her man to protect her with anyways wether it’s beef or not kinda pi55y if u ask me Ou well at least my man didn’t eat me out on my period ?? and this b1tch had braces but she even kisses her man with cucumber stuck in her teeth ? this b1tch is also greasy steals ppls clothes and switches it out for Walmart clothes meanwhile my friends have name brand clothes?? she’s a joke honestly so is her man and his brother they think there tuff cause they got the straps ??‍♀️ Nothing but patheticp.