Sarah Marcia (Trujillo) Medrano Yuma, AZ Says “I Love Sex” And Will WRECK Your HOME To Get It. Sarah Marcia Medrano (also Trujillo) says , “I love sex”. She’s a HOMEWRECKER and hunts her victims down, knows their “routine” and usual whereabouts. She does females, brags she usually “dates” males younger than her (she’s 46), she hunts married men. She picked a guy at her work and had sex with him while her husband watched, says her husband at the time agreed to it (her story). She carries a small tote full of condoms and always checks to see that the condom is on, almost seemed like she has an DRD but wouldn’t say so. Sarah spreads her legs often in San Diego, New Mexico, Hawaii, Vegas. She works at the hospital in Yuma and claims everyone wants a piece of her to include her boss. She swears she’s “all that”, independent, and doesn’t need anyone and has done everything (school/career) on her own (yeah, sure Sarah). She will target a guy at a restaurant or bar ([REDACTED] is common and I have to stress again that married doesn’t matter, she coaches which apps to use to hide info) and once she’s locked on she’ll get the guy alone (intentionally with no condoms) and grind to get him hooked, then leave him hanging, so when she calls back he wants her. She keeps the poor loser hooked like a fish and dangles pictures and random texts to stay relevant, then texts when she needs to spread wide or just pops up “randomly” (remember she knows people’s routines). Sarah likes to play a few guys at a time, I cannot stress enough how she likes married men and she has no shame trying to steal married men. She’ll ask them if they want to be “exclusive”, basically asks him to leave his family. Sarah has no respect or morals, if you’re in Yuma be warned. Sarah Medrano is on the hunt, she loves sex (her words) and she won’t stop until she wants to. She’s a scandalous, dirty, selfish, pathetic person who has no morals or values and has zero remorse for her ways.