Sasha Ali: The Grubbiest Trash In Northern Alberta. This girls runs around town as if she’s on a pedestal. No one has the balls to tell her she’s a washed up loser, who needs to let go of the glory days. Her and her baby daddy (also on the dirty) are the most awful on again off again duo. He’s highly addicted to drugs, and she runs around flashing her gross tits and pole dances for her “followers” on Instagram just to get attention any chance she gets (aka, whenever they break up) She acts as if she’s some Pheonix who’s risen above the ashes of a sh1t relationship and pretends to be setting a good example for the poor children who have to be subjected to the dysfunction – but jumps back down the guys pants any chance she gets – she’s a fuking loser. Hurry up and go to Edmonton and bring the trash out with you. Feel sorry for the kids.