Sasha Chambers Vancouver Floozy You Are Not Hispanic. why is Sasha chambers aka Gina Lopez on LL, pretending she’s Hispanic now? You are white Sasha. You are from sanich, ( Hispanic population negative zero ) Hahaha, your sister looks Caucasian AF and so do you. Stop embarrassing yourself. We all know you so desperately want to be exotic. Any amount of spray tan won’t make you anything but CAUCASIAN. And please stop acting like you didn’t work in the massage parlour on Howe street until recently figuring out seeking arrangements to bring disgusting old men up to your condo for 400 dollars LMAO. You need guidance hahahaha. By the way Saturn is not your friend she spilled all the tea about this and makes fun of you for being a broke floozy. One question, how do you floozy but still have roomates and drive a CLA 250? My sister drove that car when she was 16…. Sasha is the last girl on earth actually giving men what they pay for. She brings them up to her condo. You couldn’t even get a hotel room??? Gross. So did they lay in your sheets and pee in your toilet too? You’re nastyyyyyy She loves to send herself DM’s on Instagram then post them pretending it’s someone else writing them haha. “ show us your ways “, Ummm you bring men up to your SHARED condo and ride them for 400 dollars. You need a teacher. Hire one. ( if you can afford it )