Scott Tokley Triple Loooooossseeeerrr. This guy claims to own and operate [REDACTED] when he’s nothing but a triple loser washed up wanna be racer….! Hangs around teenage boys to try and fit in. Kind of weird. … taking them on day trips to ride dirt bikes so he can feel important and relevant. What PARENTS would allow this ???? Says terrible things about ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE including the owners of [REDACTED] -stupid enough to say he owns it but talks $hit about the owners – creeps all the dating sites.. tinder.. POF.. bumble… TikTok. Gave me a sob story about his wife cheating on him but didn’t realize i was a co worker to his side piece Shannon …! Sorry girl, u know it’s wrong ..u should know better ! Sent me his photos but was nothing like them when we met in person. Getting free swag was only bonus to the awkward situation..! Once I said I wasn’t interested in meeting again he flipped and sent texts saying the most disturbing Things I finally had to block him. Kept telling me he was a union carpenter but why would you have a union job if you own a company ??? Just LIES.