Seema Bansal Chadha. I worked for Seema Bansal Chadha as an assistant until November 2021 when I got my graduate job. I wanted to expose her and this company as I’m finding more and more so that the practices are deplorable, and this amount of creating a fake double life is leading to cycles outside of this influencer that don’t seem to stop and will get worse. Because I had such close contact, this is one wannabe influencer I know about. Seema does not have any real money. They’ve used loans and lines of credit secured to parents homes to send out free flowers to influencers. There are not many people that actually buy the flowers. Part of my job was to email magazines and write made up articles about success, money, net worth for said magazines to post. Magazines were paid for articles to show inflated net worth and a successful business. The business itself was not successful, but the paid articles made people think Seema and [REDACTED] are successful and because of that they wanted to do engage with her and an inflated fake influencer was born. Everything about this family is fake. There is no money, there is no successful business, there is nothing. I know I am part of the problem, but I needed money to pay my college fees and the work. I was casual part time and worked a couple of hours a week/every couple of weeks. I knew this was all wrong before, but a job was a job. I recently watched the Ana Delvey show on Netflix and realized this was also Seema. This was the last fake article I sent for these people: [REDACTED] They don’t own this house, they have NEVER purchased it and hardly have any real assets that cost more than the average couples home. [REDACTED] Here is the real ownership info:[REDACTED] It was non stop fake articles making people believe they have something and are something coupled with lots of events paid for also from loans. Bustle, Grazia, Vogue other countries, Entrepreneur…it’s all fake paid articles. This is I’m sure one of many Anna Delvey wannabes out there. Seema is obsessed with being famous and people thinking she has a lot of money. She is obsessed with her phone and literally all she’s doing all day is checking instagram and commenting/checking obsessively, there is literally no other activity other than anything that keeps the instagram cycle going and events/shoots that make it look like she has money. Homes/houses everything is rented, or she asks now rich friends she’s made from influencing to stay at places they have. People that chime into this Social Media fake world, please be aware, everything is made up for half of these people. EVERYTHING is made up. It’s not necessary in life to have lots of money or be famous to live a fulfilling life, please learn and know these people do not have good lives. Please focus on your own lives and do not compare to these fraudsters. They are not happy.