Serial Mistress Marissa Echols. Marissa Lynn Echols, nursing student at University of Colorado, former behavioral health worker, patient care and rehab advocate. University of Arizona. [REDACTED] This self proclaimed “strong woman” is a serial homewrecker. She’s known to have had an affair with her married professor in Arizona a few years ago; just before she knowingly began an affair with a married man who has 2 young children (ages 2 and 4 in the beginning). Marissa knew, very well, the married man’s “family man” status; especially since she frequently stalked his wife’s social media. She remained in that affair for 2.5 to 3 years, refusing to speak to the wife on one occasion they were semi caught. All while pressing the cheating husband to get a divorce and marry her. She willfully participated (and pushed for the relationship) while the cheating husband abandoned his children at least a week at a time every month pretending to be on business trips. His children became sick as a result of his constant absence and tension/anxiety in the house caused by the extreme dishonesty that polluted their household. Marissa finally grew tired of waiting for this married man to marry her and she proceeded to expose him sending photos of them in bed to his wife. This is very interesting as she presents herself to be an advocate for “women’s empowerment,” “women’s rights,” and “black excellence.”