Shannon Bautistac. Shannon, ur make up style is a throwback from 2008. Stop using concealor as lip stick, ur lips are ashy as fuk. Ur pale skin and thick eyeliner make u look like skeletor. Get ur eyebrows professionally done, maybe u won’t look surprised all the time. Sometimes the contacts u wear don’t stay on ur eye properly, one of them floats to the other side and makes u look cross eyed. u dress like a 20 year old wearing the cheapest looking fast fashion brands. Instead of 1 chanel bag, u should buy a pair of decent jeans and a $200 sweater. Dress ur age. I know u think it’s sexy always having ur cleavage hanging out, but u actually look sick with ur skinny a55 arms and legs. The most decent pic u have on ur ig is all the way back from 2016 when u wore less makeup and didn’t try so hard to look like an abg. Now u literally look like a grown a55 woman having a mid life crisis.