Shannon Myers Jimenez Extra Extra Read All About It – This Gal’s A Slore And She Ain’t Afraid To Shout It!! Allow me to introduce this piece of trash – Shannon Myers Jimenez. She also goes by Shannon Nichole on Facebook. She thought she could get herself a better life by coming for my husband, but all she has done is make matters worse for him and also our family. Now before anyone chimes in that it takes 2 to have an affair, I am very well aware of that fact. My husband is guilty, however, he is also very broken from a traumatic event that took place 3 years ago. This POS was very well aware of my husband’s mental state and had no problem taking advantage of it for her own benefit. She likes to join FB “adult” sites and engage in very inappropriate discussions, as well as posting naked pictures of herself. Did I mention she is married as well. And a mother of 2 little boys. Let’s hope they don’t grow up and marry someone like her. She uses the excuse that it is ok to engage in affairs because her husband cheats on her. She owns her own dog grooming business – fitting she enjoys the company of dogs, being the b*tch that she is! This next piece of information is the best – this trash wants to work as a Doula (midwife). Hmmmm, that’s a great idea on her part. She is asking expectant parents to invite her (and pay her) into their lives to assist in the delivery of their babies. Lets think about this folks, you have very pregnant moms that are tired and might not be interested in being intimate with their husbands inviting someone into their home that has no problem getting involved with married (or taken) men to make herself happy. Sounds like a recipe for DISASTER. My husband and I are trying to restore his mental health as well as our marriage. He has told her on several occasions that she is not to contact him and she is STILL trying her best to reach out anyway she can. If you are in the Lincoln, Nebraska area be warned! If you know anyone in that area, warn them too. Her businesses are [REDACTED].