Shawn Miller White Ridge Scum. Never could Ive done this years ago. seeing Shawn Miller posted a few times  it’s hard not to. Imagine late 20s, 30s…. I’m almost 40 posting this crap. He’ll know who I am and I just don’t fukin care!This must be heard! Shawn Miller is dangerous! not to everybody but to women. He dated a friend and manipulated her mind and heart to the point of break down. I didnt believe itnow i wish I had.  Always a different guy infront of me. He has his supporters his people his flying monkeys. they believe everything. He mimics past events his gfs lived. Things they told.He has no trouble manipulating that into his sick game. A master at gaslighting! It was Hard to believe but Shawn had all sorts of fake social media accounts to track my friend. The fuker has aliases that he’d continue to stalk or follow in case there was a break? [REDACTED] a few I remember. There are more all platforms ig, snap, fb! So dumb so Fuckin Bizarre! Wtf? Hed create accounts to manipulate thoughts and feelings really twisted sh1t. She called his a55 outnd the loser manipulated her into thinking shes overthinking! That he has somebody after him. Pure drama! Makes sense  why hed keep his accounts private.  All a big fukin game. He had a fake account Sarah Ardy something like it to get close to my friend. Thought she was a girl they made plans to hike but ya the fukin creep showed up! Weird and fukin creepy! Who does this sh1t? Not the guy  you think he is! His drama will go quiet but at the right moment he’ll repeat the fukin chaos!He has the demeanor for everybody to love and want to hang with. He earns trust. Behind close doors hes evil . They say you can tell a lot by looking into another’s eyes.Look into Shawn’s. Can you trust them? Answer No! I don’t want his shops to fail more people get hurt but the next time you buy at Miller Meats this is the fukin a55hole your supporting!