Sketchy Couple Courtney Horseman/Paige Wyatt Hunt. PLEASE BE AWARE !!! Courtney Horseman also goes by Courtney Paige, I use to have a thing with her for awhile when she’s not with her psycho ex Wyatt Hunt. She seems normal and sweet at first but this sloot is covered in lies, she manipulative and a gas lighter. All she does is cry about her abusive boyfriend who beats her nearly to death every time they are together, and when her boyfriend Wyatt finds out she’s talking to other guys he goes crazy and tries to make her set those guys up to be jumped and maybe even stabbed. He’s very mentally unstable but perhaps that’s why they are so good together ? I’ve heard of them trying to set up people together, even though they are constantly breaking up and getting back together, she’s let him free load off her and her family for years too. Let’s not forget how Courtney is very pregnant and I still caught her drinking at the bar and partying with her friends, her poor baby is gonna suffer fetal alcohol Syndrome. Even when pregnant she’s still tryna get any attention she can from males. Courtney will rob you, abuse you and fake it all the way. She also doesn’t look like her picture in real life huge catfish and she’s flat as a fish too.