Sky Cass Self Absorbed Materialistic Bimbo. I got a story for you. She’s been on here before recently for being just your average garden variety h0e but this is something else altogether. Now we all know depression isn’t something to joke about and it shouldn’t be something you fake for attention. As someone who knows her personally and has experienced postpartum depression for real, I know the world is sick of her entire being just radiating vibes that scream wh0r3. The other post was correct she only cares about herself and her appearance. She’s a cold mother and a selfish woman who embodies the word materialistic but her worst trait is calling it postpartum depression when all she is is hissy fitting that her gucci doesn’t fit and her waist gained 2 inches. It should be illegal to be that fake and slimy. She doesn’t suffer from hormonal imbalance from having a child she suffers from the crushing insecurities that came from gaining 10 pounds. On mother’s day she didnt post her child she posted about being a milf because she never wanted to be a mom she wanted to be a milf. She wears her baby like an accessory and only when it’s suitable for social media, otherwise it’s off to grandma’s or the baby daddies. She didn’t eat properly when pregnant because her weight mattered more than the baby. Soon as she had him she was off partying again. One of those moms who says she needs a break from the baby to party but she takes so many breaks that in reality she just takes breaks from partying to parent. Postpartum depression is real and not something to be faked for attention, you get enough damn attention you dehydrated thirsty bimbo. You arent depressed youre butthurt that you cant wear crop tops without seeing stretchmarks get over it. Get your head out of your ass and put your kid first for once. So Nik am I right or am I right that some people just shouldn’t have kids..