Stacey L. (Dove) Hoefle. Stacey is a wife and mother of 3 beautiful girls; she’s also a textbook covert (vulnerable) narcissist and a serial cheater. She’s beautiful. She’s magnetic. She’s FUN! She’s also a MONSTER. She seeks out men who are either lonely or broken by their current relationship, she then engages in “openness” with you, learning all of your vulnerabilities and desires, and pretends to be EXACTLY what you most desire. You won’t notice at first, but she’s giving you nothing real back in return. She love bombs so damn well that you won’t care, completely distracted by the feelings of love, and falling in love, that you feel for her, and she mirrors back at you, unfortunately though, she is actually incapable of forming real human bonds with anyone, even long time HS friends are utilitarian to her. She most desires to be seen as altruistic, but is only actually interested in exerting her energy when there is a direct benefit to her. I’m sorry, brother, if you’re reading this, then what you’ve suspected is real. Her marriage is not coming to an end, she has no intention of living him. She wants a toy, while her husband provides her security. Despite what she’s told you, you’re not the first, won’t be last, and she’s currently grooming 1 or 2 other dudes via text right now. You’re not her puzzle piece, or a custom fit. There is no little white spaghetti strapped dress in your future. She needs to feel and be seen as omnipotent. She will constantly give you advice on how you should manage your life or personal affairs; she’s actually giving you direction. After the first few months, failure to follow her direction will result in a tantrum of rage followed by silence for a couple of weeks. Keep in mind, her personal life is off limits and you will suffer the same rage if you ask for the kind of mutual openness that one expects in a typical healthy relationship (See above, this ISN’T the beginning of one). She will begin to devalue you, call your opinions “ridiculous”, and start arguments out of nowhere. This is the beginning of the end for you, she’s using that time away to farm adoration from your eventual replacement, or pretending to be present with her husband, while gaslighting his fears as “not real”. You were a project to her, something she could control, an object she takes cruel pride in joy sticking around while giving her constant compliments, even fishing for them after she’s been especially abusive with something resembling, “Why am I worth it?”. I’m hate to tell you this my friend, but you will be discarded coldly, she will likely even try to make you believe it’s your fault but I assure you it is not. She’s invaded and destroyed your life like a swarm of locusts, and has run back to her fake suburbia hideout, and hopes desperately that you will just go away and lick your own wounds; she’s licking that other dude she was texting. [REDACTED].