Steve Knowles — Liar, Cheater, And Financial Eater. Well let me tell you a story..I met this guy while he was cheating on his last girlfriend with me and they were still living together …I knew but he is such a smooth talker and assured me they had problems and he was leaving her…but I was dead wrong! He gets into relationships uses his own children to make you believe he is a genuine sweet caring father and that he only wants to be loved and find his soul mate…he will shower you with compliments and fake love to lure you in…once he has you ..BYE BYE bank account…he will have all sorts of excuses to make you help him financially and shower you with love whenever you do…but as soon as the money runs out so does his love for you. He will do and say anything to make you think he only wants you all the while he’s already fuking his next victim..this man will destroy you emotionally and financially beware!!