Steve “SD” Piercey – Extreme Narcissist, Pathological Liar, Fake Soldier. Steve “SD” Piercey is a narcissist, a sociopath and a pathological liar. At any given time he has multiple girls on rotation that he has convinced that they are “the one and only for him”. I say girls and not women because he continues to get older but the girls he preys on are rarely older than 28 (He lies about his age… he’s actually 49). He often claims to have served overseas in the Canadian military to garner sympathy from women and respect from other men, when in fact he has never left Canadian soil and was only ever a part time reservist). He always talks a big game about his job and how much money he makes when in fact he’s barely a custodian with a 48k salary at best. He also never ever uses protection when he fuks because he claims he can’t get hard using a condom when in actual fact his d1ck is so small there are no condoms that would work for his microp3nis. The worst part about his man slore lifestyle is he convinces all the women he’s with that he’s monogamous with only them. Another one of his favorite games is to pretend like his son is his whole world and uses his fathers death for sympathy when in fact his son hates him and his father probably did too. DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING THIS MAN SAYS.