Sunnye Stobaugh Colley Entitled Sloot. Sunnye has a long history of homewrecking, in which she becomes friends w/ the female in order to get closer to the male she’s interested in. Then she gets the guy to put off her debt, including plastic surgery bills. She cheats on the guys & posts on social media as if she’s the only one being cheated on in order to get sympathy & not tarnish her image for the next victim. It started w/ an older married man who had a younger wife & child at the time. After being the root of their divorce, she moved on to befriend a different girl to get close to this girl’s finance (girl lived w/ fiancé & they had a child together). Sunnye started sleeping w/ the guy, & once it came out, Sunnye created a fake Twitter to talk major crap about the victim. Sunnye ended up marrying the guy & having a kid w/ him. Karma got her, leaving Sunnye the one being cheated on, & now the guy is remarried to the person he cheated w/ while married to Sunnye. However, now Sunnye is a virtual floozy on MyFreeCams & also inserts herself into ex-husbands marriage so she can still feel like she has the upper hand. She is EXTREMELY concieted, often referring to herself as a goodness, bronzed Barbie, etc. & acts like she’s a wannabe Kardashian. She gets plastic surgery, lives a careless lifestyle & doesn’t have a legit job – just floozy. She’s got some connection legally because a look at her long court presence shows she’s able to get out of guilty charges w/o standard punishments (financial or time served).