Sydnee Jeanis, Huppenthal Or Thoms Is A Very Shameful Woman. No matter if her last name is Thoms, Huppenthal or Jeanis, this woman could perhaps be the vilest and most reprehensible female living in KC. Firstly, the court ordered her to stay clear of her kids for being reckless. Essentially what happened is she was drunk (which happens a lot) and she drove her drunker boyfriend at the time (a JOCO fuk boi named Bret Rogers) to a wedding. All would be ok, except she had all three of her kids in the backseat. The oldest called her dad and then then 911 to report Sydnee, only to see Sydnee punch her phone from her hands. The daughter jumped out of the back to escape her mom, and when the sherrifs arrived, they found Sydnee trying to run her daughter over with her SUV. Her struggles with the bottle are epic. She even showed up to a custody hearing too drunk to stand. Instead of locking her up, the judge kicked her out of the courtroom. No problem for Syd, she just went to the casino across the way and got so boozed up she had to be taken to the hospital. This incident didn’t occur in a vacuum. Sydnee was in a toxic marriage (her second) to these kids’ father, where she and her husband would beat each other on the regular as they both slept around with whoever. They eventually split, but the dad got to take the kids with him out of state, and Sydnee had to move into an Olathe trailer park. She eventually went to jail for her crimes, but relapsed many times. She was a known sloor, so she kept a steady stream of gregs at the ready. One of the gregs she found was this fat SOB named Dan. She used this guy something fierce. They were supposed to get married and put it all over social media. I dunno what happened for sure, but I heard she stole his car and totalled it and that she made up some domestic charges that got dropped by the court, but not until after he’d lost his job because of it. She wound up marrying another dude about five months later who was old enough to be her dad (she’s 45 BTW). This dude bought her a big house in Lawrence and a country club membership. He made a good living, so she didn’t have to work. How did she repay him? By sleeping with more dudes, of course! This gal couldn’t be faithful or truthful if her life depended upon it. And, lo and behold, she got divorced again. Now she is hiding out in KCK in a house her mom bought for her (her mom’s 70 something and a poor widow). A mutual friend mentioned that she pissed off some connected people, so we shall see how this story pans out. Until then, steer clear of this gal. She has a verified history of ruining lives.