Tanya Mois — Drd Queen Of Manipulation. This girl is a liar, a manipulator, a user and an all around loose goose, she uses so many people, ruins so many relationships, constantly sleeps with her boyfriends friends (multiple of them), is proud of her “20 one night stands by the age of 20” record and she also carries some drd’s which she doesn’t mention to her many many sexual partners because screw it, she’s never gonna see the guy again anyways after she’s done using them for the night, so fellas beware! The worst part about her is she blames her actions on everyone else, her family, the guys she sleeps with, she plays an innocent victim who claims “drama just always follows me wherever I go” never admitting to her wrongdoings, it’s simply never her fault that she can’t keep her legs closed, she really is the worst type of human being.