Taylor Oberemok — Back At It Again. I’d like to introduce you to Taylor Oberemok. One of Windsor’s biggest looser. I gave that guy my heart 7 months ago then he treated me so bad so we ended it, but then I had gotten into a bad almost fatal car accident and he found out, then he wanted to come back into my life and even cried saying how sorry he was and that he loved me so much and my son too, and that he wanted a 2nd chance and he even broke up with his girlfriend, so me being forgiving and thought maybe he has changed but then the minute I started healing, he decides he wanted other women because he craved it so much not only did he destroy my life the first time but he did it twice. The first time he broke up with me on my birthday, thx for the bday gift and then before Xmas. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool my twice, shame on me! Just wanted everyone to know about this toxic man, don’t let his looks fool you because he has a sh1tty personality.