Taylor (Riddick) Cutforth Paintball A55hole. This terrible excuse for a 28-year-old man child came into my life at one of my lowest points and took full advantage of me and my children after their father died. He has 3 kids with 2 different women who he routinely mentally abuses even after they got tired of dealing with his persistent selfish narcissism and kicked his a55 back to moms and dads. He regularly decides to skip child support payments, one child of his he’s never once made any good on caring for or supporting (financially or otherwise) what-so-ever (for a long time he claimed it likely wasn’t even his and that his ex-girlfriend and mother of 2 of his children was a slore). He “borrowed” money from me to the tune of 700 dollars which he refuses to pay back, and when my father ended up in the hospital sick and I asked him to be there for me, that I was feeling depressed, lonely, and needed someone, he told me he needed “space” and that he was “too busy with his kids” (his kids were with their mothers, he was playing a COD tournament) he’s a liar, manipulator, user, and constantly seeks attention from multiple women at once playing the “poor me I’m an oppressed single father” card but really he’s been an emotionally abusive manipulator and will constantly bad mouth the mothers of his children to make them seem like the enemy (news flash, they definitely aren’t, he’s probably one of the biggest gaslighters to ever walk the planet and uses silent-treatment abuse to get them to react EVEN THOUGH they have kids together). To put it into perspective, he’s a Chloe Sunderland fan, need I say more ladies? He has regularly talked about the possibility of insurance fraud (having someone steal and crash his car) because even though his mother lets him live with her for free (and he does literally no chores or grocery bills), and he skips child support payments, somehow he can still barely afford to pay his car payments. He will use you just like he used me and every other woman who’s been unfortunate enough to date him. He literally has no moral compass what-so-ever. His bucket list includes “having sex with a black chick” but the reason he claims he can’t is “Black women are racist against him” because he’s a country hick. Sometimes we just need to let the dumpster-fire burn on its own.