Terry Friend Just Stay Away! Terry Friend (Frend) First, Terry lives in Strathmore but works around Fort Saint John area. Terry is fckin crazy. He literally is. Like diagnosed and on meds. He will tell you everything you want to hear and be everything you want him to be, you’ll get the feeling like he must be too good to be true, TRUST THAT FEELING!! He is. He will destroy you from the inside out and you won’t see it coming. He’ll gaslight you and use the silent treatment to make you go crazy then use it against you. He’ll make you feel like you’re amazing, like you’re the only girl for him, like he can’t believe you’re real, only to switch at the drop of a hat and leave you feeling unwanted when he stops showing you any sort of affection. He’ll get you to buy him things, do things for him and he’ll tell you you’re the most important /closest person in his life, that he trust you, that he doesn’t trust anyone, that he’d do anything for you. He’s just a lying sack of sh1t, it’s all a ploy to take whatever he can from you until he’s done with you. Then he’ll throw you away like you were nothing, he’ll have a new girl in the works, he’s always got a backup, believe me he doesn’t go long without finding a replacement. He’s also a thief, he rides around on a Harley that he couldn’t afford to buy this summer so he ripped the government off by taking $12000 in CERB payments that he didn’t qualify for because he works the oil patch and makes like $8000 /month. He also has problems paying his $1200 in child support a month. He’s always behind and late to pay his baby momma and the fact he makes so much and pays so little is just sickening. He’s so lazy, he’ll expect you to wait on him hand and foot like he’s a king while he sits on his ass and plays video games. He doesn’t even do things with his kids, he ignores his son unless he wants to play video games, then he’s all over it. He doesn’t take his kids anywhere to do things since he’s only home a week or so a month. All he wants to do is get high and sit around playing video games while someone waits on him hand and foot. Oh, he also thinks he has mad respect but the truth is nobody respects him, they just fear his psycho ass, he’ll rage out over the smallest things but there’s nothing about him to respect. He steals from the government, doesn’t support his kids, treats people like his slaves, like they’re below him, lies about himself like how successful he is ?, he’s got nothing. This guy is a fuckin joke, just like the REAL DEAL he has tattooed across his knuckles. I wonder if that’s so when he looks in the mirror he can say to himself “you’re the REAL DEAL Terry!” every morning ?