Tessa Apetewakeesic Desperate Dirty Housekeeper. This woman has been known to wreck homes and has ruined at least 6-7 families up thinking she is “ALL THAT” but in reality she was passed around like a slore where she slept with numerous men when she worked at a mine and she is currently working in Sioux Lookout sleeping with whoever looks at her, she has passed on her DRDs to the men she has slept with trying to blame the girlfriends or the wives of some of them men she sleeps with, she had a child with one of 3 men she was sleeping with and don’t think she really knows who fathered her baby as she told one of the men she was pregnant and didn’t know who the dad was but in the end 2 left and she manipulated the man that stayed. She is good at making everyone around her feel sorry for her & will talk a lot of shit about that men who walk away from her, she can’t keep men so she tries to make the men who walk away from her miserable just like her miserable life, so ladies better hold onto your men because she will try stealing and word is she is on the prowl looking for her next target as the man she probably stole from another has left her. She sent me these photos in the beginning when I was messing around with her, was not my intention to keep them but came across these as I was cleaning out my email pictures and such but looking at them now, made me think “WHAT THE FUK WAS I THINKING MESSING AROUND WITH A SLORE” she was not worth the family I lost when I was at the time messing around those years while I was working at the mine, I should have never made no eye contact or I should have not talked to her but she was the one who kept coming at me and being stuck at the mine for 2 weeks was my weakest and one thing I REGRET is meeting this slootty housekeeper and finding out she passed an DRD to me was my wake up call to quit messing around and even her pictures that she sent just shows how desperate she was to try get the man/men she was sleeping around with and word is she had other men that she was giving herself to there, she may have sold herself there as well. Last I heard she was working in that small town in Northern Ontario where she probably working on other men or breaking families up but I would never make the same mistake of ever hooking up with a desperate slore and by sending me these pictures after my first hook up with her shows how raunchy she is, she was not good in the sack, just a lay on her back with her dirty tw@t is all she was. So ladies or men be on a lookout for this woman, she will sleep with anyone that takes one look at her and not worry if her next lay has a family she has no respect for herself or the family she breaks up she only worries about the next c0ck she can get into her DIRTY HOLE. And I learned my lesson when I lost my family, and my wife found out about her because of the DRD she passed on to me and that’s something I live with and being away from my wife & children was not worth it. BEWARE MEN & WOMEN-hold onto your men especially if you are in the same area as she is, don’t know where she is working but I just know she is currently in a small northern Ontario town.