That Disgusting Smell Is Coming From Sarah Julin. wannabe high-end floozy wants to be on all the sites but complains about only getting on the low-end dirty jobs. it’s easy for guys to tap her but yr getting a real life Karen x1000 imo. She bragged to me about how easy it is to steal from her boyfriend and job whenever. Oh she says she’s so clever with how she steals and trades to live in a tent in a bush then tries to steal sh1t back after . And says she’s so proud of being a a cop caller and rat for the same things she’s into. Brags about getting ppl fired and arrested for no reason too just if they look at her wrong or disagree with her. She’s sick in the head IMO. So if yr interested in a special brand of stinkrot wafting from all the holes and want to goto jail for nothing call up this rancid excuse of a person just don’t forget to get checked for infections after. PSA.