THE TRUTH KYRA LOWE. Got obsessed with me because my girl brought her man around. Legit met him 2-3 times. Short shrimp kid wouldn’t let him hit even if I was ots. She starts harassing all over me, my man, my fams everyone this girl didn’t just do this to me tho she harnessed bare shorties. She’s also racist but that’s another story. Seen her at PPL I threw a drink and ran up and she ran off so me and my girl chased her my friend punched her girl her girl had a black eye I kinda felt bad tbh but w.e we was off the sh1ts I punched Kyra and legit had her hair so right in my hand security couldn’t even get her hair out lmao anywho he broke us up. Then I seen her walk out and pulled her hair off again & I was screaming “I GOT UR HAIR BISH” outside of ppl. Security even told me to stfu lmao. I know hella ratchet but she deserved it yo for all that sh1t she pulled. This girls so shook up in person I was surprised she’s so damn tall but me being lit I didn’t give a fudgeeee . That’s the truth. Yes I seen her couple times at the mall I was sober not on the same hype tip. She said she would jump me this and that but didn’t do sh1t. She legit looks like a little puppy in person. This girl steady makes fake accounts to this day impersonating other ppl, still talks about the same damn sh1t. Truth is I hurt her cause we were cool she told Me some sh1t bout herself and her family she was crying on the phone with me and I exposed her after. But she did run her mouth bout my fams spreading lies telling my sister I’m on backpage lmao when I always had a job so then I scrapped her up at ppl when I was lit cause I remembered how she ran her mouth so much. Oh n not to mention shorty been calling me a telly ting. Yet I have her nudes from her onlyfans It keeps me motivated so I don’t lack at the gym. Anywho that’s the truth.