Tiffani Santana Trapped Hoodrat Ghetto Slore. We all have dreams of who or what we wanna become when we grow up, most of us dream of being successful doctors or austronauts…and then theres Tiffany with an I, she dreamed of becoming a white trash trap house queen. Running around the hood with a machete f****** up her ex’s car during the day, and trying to sling games at night but only flippin points cuz shes so far into the dope she couldnt pick up a game to save her life, Nevermind gain a pound or two. Sleeping her way too the top but only screwing mid grade dealers because she couldnt even do that right, dont kid yourself though your only pissed because its your mid grade drug dealing boyfriend she sleeping with! This girl has alot of haters but also alot of lovers too (not just the bedroom kind either) maybe the right people love her? Enough to keep her name runnin through the game and hood of saskatoon! Or maybe thats just it, its freaking saskatoon and it takes nothing to be anything in the hood and still yet her accomplishments are still sub par! Keep sleeping your way to the top, maybe one day someone important will remember your name… Even if it is only to give their doctors a list of partners from the last 6 months!