Tiffany Hawryluk Scandalous A55 H0e. I can start off by saying nothing but an instigator talk sh1t somebody Plays everybody for fool she always sticks around long enough to get what’s then move onto the next guy all I gotta say is this girl is bad news a friend of mine has dated her for a while and she was also talking to another friend of mine and she’s pretty scandalous and to top it off she’s a very good mother either all she’s got is destroying peoples life and playing the victim role all I know is she better be careful because she’s gonna do it to the wrong person and it won’t end so well for her I know I’m not trying to post this for my friend because he’s not very innocent either but at the end of the day what she did was wrong and it needs to be addressed that’s just my two cents pretty sure if you post this a few other people will have something to say about her She probably slept with half of that we didn’t know I mean anybody that’s got some money or claims to be a gangster i’m just glad she left my Friend alone because he was on his breaking point I’m not saying he’s perfect but he is a good person I’m glad to see him doing good now don’t get me wrong I have nothing against this woman but she needs to be taught a lesson and you can post my name to my name is Chris and I don’t fuking gossip either it is what it is I’m not a very nice guy either so if she has something to say I’m not hard to find and I’m sure she can reach out and find my number but anyways that was my rant for the day fuk that b1tch literally I mean everybody’s fuked up b1tch 😂😂😂😂