Tiffany Henry Watch Out For This Clown In ATL/Pooler Georgia. Tiffany Henry sleeps with men that are relationships and recently moved in a man who recently just had a baby with another woman , she was caught on social media calling the mans hearing impaired daughter derogatory names and threatening others with military police and false claims against women who decided to file child support on her boyfriend, if you have children and your ex partner ends up with this woman we urge you to come up with a safety plan and do not send your children around this woman because of how vindictive she is . She is will call child protective services making false claims , if you own any properties such as air Bnbs , homes and businesses she will attempt to send correspondence of cease and desist to your properties in order to intimidate the women out of following through with child support to protect the men. She will do anything for man just like the TV show for my man . She can be potentially dangerous and will go to extreme measures to ensure you and your children are separated from their father . She will stalk , harass , and threaten you with “jag “ and try to get your children removed from your home over a man wether you want to be with him or not. She’s very misguided so if you end up in relationship with this woman and you have children BE CAREFUL and vet her before introducing her to your children and family.