TheWrongDoer_Editor : Tobie West Homewrecker — Sleeps With Her Married Co-Workers. She is a nurse at a local nursing home here in Shawnee, OK. She is super flirty and outgoing. She has been texting and meeting up with her married co-worker. Meets at local bars and casinos. Has them out to her travel trailer in a local RV park that she lives at. She has been confronted about sleeping with her married co-worker and she doesn’t care. She doesn’t care that the wife was going to be told or that she is ruining a marriage and family. She said go ahead. She has no plans to stop seeing this married man. Homewrecker!! What is this woman teaching her own son? That it’s ok to be a cheater and a homewrecker. Evil. Hateful. Karma needs to find her soon!