Tory Rusk — Tory The Terrible. This idiot is a real piece of work. Already been divorced once, he lives for head games. He constantly lies about his ex partners to make himself look good. Don’t believe them. He will initiate a relationship by adding you on Facebook, but the second he gets in your pants he will move on to his new victim. He tries to bang everything that moves and will spread lies about you, telling people you forced him to sleep with you. And that you are stalking him. He thinks he’s god’s gift to women, but has more issues than Playboy. He will call you crazy, when it’s him who is severely mentally unwell. He needs help. Seriously. The only thing he cares about is himself because he is a narcissist nutjob. He goes after younger women than him, because they don’t know any better. Run away from this man if he ever tries to contact you. He is bad news.