Trashy Troy Fehr. He was raised by a disgusting human who let her children be subjected to her abusive boyfriends (Tammy continues to make excuses for her abusive son and that only encourages and enables him to continue his patterns) Cheated on, gave DRDS to his baby mom with “Chealsea Jordan” (beware of this man shaped desperate homewrecker). Not only does he not pay child support but he moved to peace river and continued to have not only one but 2 kids with another woman. Beat and cheated on her. Continued his pepsi addiction and sexcapades. Doesn’t support or provide for his kids. Has absolutely no respect for the women that are raising and proving for his kids. Please don’t let this man raw dog you. Him and his siblings should not be able to spawn. He will beat you if you try to have an abortion and his family will pretend they have no idea what’s going on. Financially, psychology, emotionally and physically he will make you his victim cause he wants to have power cause he’s insecure and incompetent. His d1ck isn’t even worth it. He claims to own his own roofing company but he’s basically a degenerative transient. The lies and deceit run strong in this fehr family.