Tyler Godin — Narcissistic Control-Freak Abuser. This boy right here is a perfect example of little dog syndrome. Extreme anger issues to the point you’d think he’s delusional. He’ll get mad and start yelling at the wall if you’re not in the room for him to direct his anger at. Needs to control everything, friends, routine, where you go, who you see, how long you’re gone, right down to your diet. Was with me while I had cancer, said I’m too skinny and now tells everyone I used him for his money ? he works at chezz piggy maybe getting 5 hrs, 4 days a week ?? what money b1TCH? Clearly had a drug and alcohol problem. But make sure he goes down on your Frist as his d1ck won’t reach ? He will love bomb you within the first month or 2 telling you that you’re amazing and he’s so happy to have met you, that his last ex gf really took a toll on him. All lies of course but learn for yourself lady’s! He’s a real fire cracker with a punch! ? Pun intended. But if you’re into abusive, controlling, narcissistic anger driven boy who will stalk you and obsess about you after you left them months ago, he’s just the one for you! But don’t forget, if you have any opinion at all, you’ll be degraded and belittled. He’s also lost every friend he’s ever had once they learned the truth about the Backstabbing little leprechaun with no sense of loyalty that he truly is. Love ya daddy ? jokes on you “my love” ?