Tyler Lewis — Unsuccessful Musician With Pepsi Habit. Mr Tyler Lewis, where to start with this delusional wedding singer. Met him at a wedding and we started talking after the show and you know how the story goes..he got into my pants and mr sweet turned into mr ugly months later. He’s super egotistical, a great lying manipulative silver tongue devil. Goes behind his friend Garths back and says he’s a decent guitar player and that one day he hopes he can pick up a real guitar player who’s more of Tyler’s age. Like c’mon Tyler he’s the only reason your music sounds good He’s so conceited and he thinks he’s better than everyone and turns on his band mates more than one occasion. One night of drinks while out socializing with friends said that he would never record in lee bells recording studio cause “he couldn’t even mix up pancake batter for breakfast” I’ll never understand what’s wrong with this guy he has multiple personalities and needs serious help due to failing to Canadian idol.