TYLER ST-DENIS IS KINGSTON’S BIGGEST TWO-TIMING RAT SNITCH B@STARD! Watch out for this b@stard, he will pick up a phone and rat on anyone, stranger, acquaintance or closest friend. He’s been doing it for years in Kingston and the surrounding areas. Years. Tyler plays the good guy role, but it hasn’t fooled everyone in this city. We all know what he’s about. He’ll do or say anything to get out of anything. Even if it means throwing someone under the bus. and he does it in a heartbeat. Tyler has huge personal issues with depression and self esteem, (apparently depression runs in the family) and screws around on his girlfriend while looking her in the eye telling her he loves her. Nothing remotely closed to the truth everybody, Tyler’s got a hidden profile on Plenty of Fish dating where he uses a different name. Your secrets are out Tyler, you two-timing rat snitch bastard. We hope your bad karma shocks the hell out of you, lol.