Vanessa Racine Self Proclaimed Kushkitty. Well, well, well, where do we start with this jewel. Vanessa Racine is a self proclaimed kush kitty with an awful PH imbalance down there. She will sleep with you for a gram of weed (if you can put up with the smell), including cheat on her husband with her boss from the weed factory. She now supposedly resides in Toronto with a boyfriend twice her age that also owns a weed store. She is well known to the police for stalking her ex husband and his new fiancée. She has multiple criminal charges against her and has been arrested twice for her crazy stalking actions including making 10+ fake accounts on Instagram in desperate attempts to contact her ex and harass his new girlfriend. She even went as far as to fake a pregnancy in a pathetic and desperate attempt to get her ex back which was comical because she in infertile and cannot conceive. Whether she’s walking the streets of Toronto or Ottawa, look out for this one.