Victoria Rucker Aka Tory Havoc — Homewrecker Calling Other People Homewreckers. So I heard this girl is calling out this other girl calling her a homewrecker saying she fuked her baby daddy and all that mess. So, since she is a homewrecker herself, and WRECKED MY RELATIONSHIP I thought I’d put her on the spot as well. I had 2 babies with this man when she decided to waltz into his life and seduce him. That wasn’t enough for her. She ran around telling everyone about my personal struggles in my life trying make me look like a bad person when all I was trying to do was better my life. THEN SHE TRIES TO TAKE MY CHILDREN FROM ME!!! Like she’s going to steal my man and then my children?! She’s more of a home stealer. Everyone knows about her alcoholism and her love for pepsi. And how he had cheated on her multiple times with multiple people. She justifies it by saying he had a sex addiction. I guess it makes her feel better about him wanting to screw other girls and going through with it. This is just a warning because she is such a manipulative little girl. She loves being the victim and will do anything to stay and become more of one she she receives all the sympathy in the world. How can you be mean or call out a girl that’s gone through so much right? She’s screams it herself “IM THE VICTIM.” MY EX even said himself “she loves psychology and knows exactly how to word things to make you feel and think how she wants you to.” Enjoy. She’s the real homewrecker. She fuked up her own situation before that girl she’s so pissed at ever entered the picture. But guess who she’s still fuking. PS word on the street is she’s still trying to fuk other people’s boyfriend’s at all time.