TheWrongDoer_Editor : Victoria’s Gay Town Pump And Loser Michael Fruci. I used to date Michael Fruci awhile back and he would play the whole poor me card and get you lured in. Soon it’ll turn from going on dates to just purely sex. FYI “raw is law” with this guy! Which I didn’t mind because there’s Prep. But after a doctors visit I found out I had DRD all rolled into one. I asked Michael about it and he gaslighted me. Turns out he sleeps around town! I was a fool to fall for him in the first place but still! Be warned this guys intentions are purely to use you for sex without romantic strings attached. He’s really good at playing you, so be warned. After living here for awhile I have heard rumors that he sleeps around town, even goes as far as stands at the cruise ship terminal to welcome guys visiting! So when I say he’s “Victoria’s gay town pump” I LITERALLY mean it!