Wendy Shaw — Don’t Fall For This Trick. Wendy Shaw is a woman in a professional position at the youth job connection program at ysb, who leads on and flirts with young teenage boys. Her goal is to get vulnerable and unstable Young men to fall in love with or develope interest in her, playing the whole whole cougar card. then when she knows shes got you, she completely breaks your heart, the reason she does this is because shes unhappy with herself, so she takes it out on people by hurting vulnerable young men who are a lot of the time already going through a lot, for her own twisted Sense of pride. on top of all of this, when you call her out for her games she goes out of her way to try and make you look crazy as an effort to protect her job and marriage. She is a master munipulator who knows what shes doing, she might seem and act trust worthy but that’s all part of the facade she plays.. Do not trust this woman.