Whitney M. Richard Twice A Homewrecker Always A Homewrecker. Let me tell you about my ex best friend. We used to work together to. We had fun. I thought she was a great person. Once I left I heard a lot about her or even things she’d tell me. She has slept around and played a lot of mind games with a lot of men. Especially her form what I was told now ex coworkers. Then when she didn’t get her way go cry wolf to anyone who would listen and tell people they use her and take advantage of her or would complain of sexual harassment. Right after this she was posting unsolicited photos on her twitter account and some on her instagram. Her types of guys are those who are in uniform, are already married, older, have kids and a set career that she barely just started working with them not to long ago. She’s young. She’s also threatened to get one of them fired if he kept even trying to talk to the mother of their children! Literally to see his kids! She once told one of these men that his children were a problem and she didn’t want to be apart of all the step parenting and drama. She told both men she wanted to quit and marry them so they could give her an allowance! She did succeed at tearing one family apart. We pray for them. She is dirty, gross and just all around horrible. I was pretty disappointed in her when I learned all this. I can only imagine how upsetting it’d be for her family to find out that she used these men for money and tore their families apart. Now that she realized she still was nothing special to either men and left state to florida. She used and abused these men femotionally for money. now both men are trying to fight for their families to be together and this girl is still trying to post She’s in a relationship with them and with pictures!!! Constantly harassing both parties. There’s a whole world of other men that are your age and single. Go play mind games or go be a sugar baby. Seriously leave these men alone and move on with your life. I hope you don’t fail out of college again and just be better.