William George Featherolf — This Pig Belongs In The Pin. Bill is a narcissist who is a pathological liar that should be avoided at all costs. He lures women in through seduction and has unprotected sex with multiple partners at one time. He trash talks his ex partners but never takes responsibility for his part in the breakups. Bill is ALWAYS the victim. When you meet him everything will be intense. There will be dinners, trips, sex, money for some, and constant texting or calls to gain your attention. He’ll turn on the charm and make you think you’re the only one he cares about. Once you’re hooked, the gaslighting and devaluing begins. He is constantly looking for his next victim on facebook dating, floozy sites, and other online venues. Bill drinks constantly but swears he isn’t an alcoholic. After a short period of time it will become apparent that Bill is a miserable person who hates himself and thus transfers those negative feelings and emotions onto his victims. Given enough time, this troll will destroy your health, take money from you, and ruin your sanity. The whole time you’re breaking down, he’s watching and enjoying every second of it. He is a sadistic and extremely sick person. He cheated on his first wife and had children with other females. Now he is cheating on his second spouse who refuses to even live in the same state. All the while he is fathering children with multiple females from various ethnic backgrounds. He swears his children, from his first marriage, are his priority. Don’t be fooled! They’re adults whom he lies about sending money. His cash flows only to the hookers he finds online and as a payoff to the multiple baby mommas. If you get mixed up with this pig, take notes when he talks and pay even closer attention to what he does and doesn’t say or do. Like all narcissists he can’t keep up the facade for very long. After about two months the real Bill will show up and the lies will become more blatant and evident. When you finally catch on to the game don’t expect empathy or sympathy. Nope, there will only be anger, deflection, bullying, statements of entitlement, projections of his insecurities and mental issues. Forget accountability because it’s never Bill’s fault. He’ll tell you about all the people who have taken advantage of him and then tell you that he’s lived a reckless life. If satan had a face it would be Bill’s. This pig is a predator who should be locked up for life. Don’t fall for his bullcrap! All he know how to do is lie. Bill is a 65 year old male who has the mindset and emotional maturity of a child. Life is too short to get mixed up with this pig. Skip his bs about writing songs and singing to you. Skip the love bombing. Love yourself enough to walk away if you’re already mixed up with this troll or be careful to not believe his lies in the first place. If you hook up with this pig you can’t say you weren’t warned ahead of time……I’ll be praying for you.