Winthrop Roosevelt Narcissistic, Arrogant, Snobby Cheater. Don’t be a victim to Winthrop Roosevelt. He flaunts his family name to get attention, and once he has yours he will make commitments to you (ie, be your boyfriend) yet continue to talk to other women. He makes up elaborate lies to cover up whatever he is doing behind your back, it’s like he just can’t be honest and needs to always be lying about stuff he doesn’t even need to. I looked thru his phone when we were together and saw he was using a lot of different apps to talk to other women. He denied it and told me they had all pursued him. I talked to his ex-girlfriend (he is OBSESSED with his exes) she told me all about how he cheated on her and we figured out that he actually cheated on us with each other. I think he borderline stalkers her and her friends because he is so obsessed with her. He’ll stick his d1ck into pretty much anything that moves, but attention is what really drives him. Don’t give him a second of yours and he’ll be gone. Feed into it and you’ll be chewed up, spit out and left heartbroken, confused angry and upset.