Women Stay Away From Jailbird And Liar Bijan Alexander. Stay away from jailbird and liar Bijan Alexander !!! Here’s the truth on what I’m dealing with. I allowed Bijan back into my life because I got tricked into believing he wanted our family and our son back so I dropped everything & went more than out of my way for the sake of my son because I wanted my family back and believed the lie that he wanted our son back too. I left a relationship & terminated something very serious for this to go and stay with him at a place he was renting a room at that that was very uncomfortable w a very weird situation to say the least when I had my own house I could have been staying at. while at the same time I let him use my address for legal reasons to avoid him getting in trouble. I was also under the impression it was only temporary until we moved into our own place so he could use our new address because I thought we would living together as a family with our son as he promised. He told me he needed me and I was all he had left and wanted our family back and I fell for it, all of it. he made me remove all pictures of me with other guys on Facebook which I did. I blocked everyone he asked me to block & cut ties with everyone he asked me to. I helped him unpack/organize all his things into the room he was renting on the first day. On top of this Every night while he was at work i would wait for him alone at the house I felt very uncomfortable in and & do his laundry/clean his room and wait for him alone in his bed like he asked me to until he got off work at 2 am when I could have been out doing many of fun other things. My nights were spent alone in that house waiting for him and I didn’t mind bc I loved him. He later got kicked out of the house and had no where to go and said he would have to sleep in his car so I went out of my way to ask my grandpa to send him money for a hotel for him until we moved into our apartment next week like he promised and arranged for us so he wouldn’t be homeless. Keep in mind: I could have gone home to my grandpas all this time. I did all of this because I cared about him and stand by people I love through thick and thin. I also thought all his money was going towards our new place as he even sold his motorcycle to pay for our move in. my grandpa did send him the money and I told my grandpa the reason he can’t pay for his own hotel because he spent all the money on our move in costs as I was told and we would have our own place by our court date to raise our son. my grandparents later allowed him to stay in their home until we were gonna move into our apartment as he got tired or sending money for the hotels. We we’re approved for the apartment had a move in date set up etc and told me to tell My grandpa we would be moving in next week. Next week came and he said he was short 1200 to move in so I went out of my way again and had my grandpa sent him 1,000$ for the deposit. I even contacted someone for a moving truck like he asked me to . Well the day before we were supposed to move in after everything I gave up and went out of my way to get my family back he decides he has cold feet and cancels the apartment with the leasing office the day before we were supposed to move in after my family was under the impression I was under the impression which is why they were helping. We had court on the 15th for our son and I told him 2 months in advance we need a place by then to get our son back he promised me it would happen my grandpa even agreed to help w half the rent on top of the 1 grand he sent him for the deposit. All this to have him cancel the move in a day before we were supposed. To get the keys then decides he doesn’t need me anymore and stops seeing me, stops calling me, and instead starts sending me messages like this. The moral is no matter how much you love someone, they may not love you no matter how much you go out of your way for someone when you need them they’re now where to be found, he needed someone to be there for him when he didn’t have anyone I was the only one there. now that he doesn’t need me he tells me I’m a lost cause a stupid b1tch and hangs up on me. I’ve never been so betrayed in my life. He did pay my grandpa back the money for the hotel and the deposit but now I’m in the toughest spot of my life and the fantasy of fixing our family seems like it was all a lie and he only wanted me when nobody was there for him but me. Now that I need someone where is he? Stay away from Bijan Alexander!