Jeff Milburn — Woman, Child Abusing Drd Carrier. This guy gave four or five women the drd in the last 5 months and when he was called on it he says his ex’s are just jealous. Jeff, you are literally the biggest piece of s*+t I’ve ever met . You are not only a woman beater, you mentally abuse them and also their children . You hit, scream, and abuse these women and their babies and all because you can’t take a long look in the mirror and realize you are a disgusting mess . Jeff, not one of your exs are jealous of you or the trash you like to fuk between “girlfriends”, no one is ! You aren’t a person I’d be proud of to take home . Yeah, you can cook, maybe clean a little or drive a car… Can you be loyal ? Can you go to the bathroom without taking your phone to be shady ? Can you actually respect a single mom who lets you around her child ? No, doubt it! I’ve met a lot of fuked up gross people in my life, but none of them came close to be as disgusting as you are. If you continue to parade around Victoria handing out DRDS knowingly then you will be having some issues . Jeff Milburn I suggest you get your sh1t together and start thinking with that ugly thing on your neck and not the pathetic one you have half hanging off between your legs, maybe get a job, pay your bills, and actually be a conductive member of society instead of trying to live off hard working women and especially ones with kids. Do the world a favor and don’t ever have kids . You likely couldn’t anyways because you clearly don’t take your health seriously and especially when it comes to your weak D1*k game .