Liv Kirby; Fake PR Agent. Avoid Like The Plague. Liv Kirby is a self styled PR agent, but in reality just a nail technician. She had created a PR agency where she promises exaggerated claims to her clients, when in reality she has no solid contacts in PR, she uses her clients names to self promote herself and try to build her own network. She is notorious in London circles for flirting and trying to seduce men to get her way, and is known to sleep around to try to get to the top. Beat advice to any brand. Avoid Liv Kirby (Kirby PR) at all costs. You will waste money on a gold digging underachiever, who is the wrong side of 30 and desperate to claw her way into a social circle way above her level. Any client working with this girl will do so at loss to them. Instagram: [REDACTED] Business instagram: [REDACTED].