TheWrongDoer_Editor : Makayla Loucks Aka Mak Monroe Double Life & Double Standards. Not so innocent after all… This B1+{H plays the dumb blonde innocent act, but there is so much more to her than that! She has turned out to be a junkie meth using, lying, blackmailing, cop calling, thieving S1V+ with a huge gambling addiction! Watch out Sarnia, as when this one doesn’t get her way, she will do whatever it takes to change that! She lies to her family, friends, and employer about her double life and she even pulled her ex’s bail when blackmailing him for money didn’t work! Problem is that her blonde hair definitely seeps deeper than her roots, as she isn’t smart enough to keep up the innocent act without getting caught! Makayla, seriously it’s time to stop the double life, are you not taking care of someone’s children for a living?!?! Get off the dope and stop sleeping around. When you are paid for sexual favours with drugs, it is still called prostitution! What’s the matter little girl? Not making enough at your real job so decided to take up another profession on the side to pay for your habits??! But be very careful boys, as she will rat u out to your spouse/gf if you don’t play by her rules….