Kaitlyn Doolittle Rather Talk Sh1t Then Get A Job Or Be A Mom. Kaitlyn Doolittle would rather gossip and make Accusations then actually being a parent , yelling at the top of her lungs, at her oldest daughter ( started at a young age ) to be responsible for her younger siblings all the time !! This girls brain is Seriously underdeveloped , she takes other people Situations & makes it about her for attention , which is the same thing that her own mother ( Debbie Forest) does , that’s right Kaitlyn your just like your mother !!!. There’s plenty more I could share & go on, but if you know this brain cancer then you know what I’m taking about. P.s Kaitlyn moved outta Hamilton because school(‘s) & 1 day care service kept calling C.A.S. on her for Multiple reasons Involving 1 of her 3 kids.